Our team has the expertise and experience to address the most complex and evolving needs of our clients.With an enhanced collaborative approach, we are able to provide you with local attention and national support. Your financial well-being is at the centre of everything we do, and we will tailor our approach to your unique needs. This may include professionals such as accountants, tax and estate lawyers, actuaries, pension experts, as well as IG's regional Insurance & Estate, Wealth, and Mortgage Planning Specialists.


 It is with great passion that I offer you my expertise and advice. I am committed to supporting and guiding you through the many financial decisions that life puts on your path. 

Danny Tremblay


 Our industry is constantly evolving, but helping people remains, above all else, the priority of the work we do with passion. Serving clients is a pleasure, and your success is our ultimate goal. 

Normand Fairfield


Our Leadership

Client Services

Corporate Experts

We have access to Advanced Financial Planning professionals who have the knowledge and experience to address even the most complex situations. They are supported by a team of over 20 CPAs, lawyers and other specialists coast to coast. The Advanced Financial Planning team is lead by the following individuals:

Regional Specialists

Our team has access to seasoned regional specialists who can provide additional insight and strategies to enhance your IG Living Plan.